About Startium

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Universities, Colleges, Regional Support Orgs & Local Governments

We are motivated by our mission to make it easier, quicker and more affordable for anyone to start a business.


Startium was established in May 2021 with a clear purpose: to help universities and colleges engage and support their innovators and entrepreneurs.

Having built and scaled an Entrepreneurship team at a UK university, our Co-Founder, Chris validated the need for a technical solution to help with the unique tasks involved with building entrepreneurial communities on campus and online.

From the very beginning, we have focused on exploring ways we can use technology to make it easier, quicker and more affordable to start a business. Which led to the creation of our first product, Startium OS.

As we grew, we realised the potential economic impact we could generate by extending our suite of products beyond educational institutions.

We also recognised an opportunity to enhance our value as a partner by incorporating a new, diverse, range of supplementary bolt-on services and expert consultancy support.

Now, in 2023, we provide a range of digital tools, custom software solutions and consultancy services to regional business support organisations and local governments and continue to serve our growing community of universities and colleges across Europe.


The adventure so far