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European Entrepreneurial University of the Year 2023

Data management across multiple teams and departments

Strathclyde Inspire is the University of Strathclyde’s institution-wide entrepreneurship strategy. Launched in Nov 2020, the purpose of Strathclyde Inspire is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem in which entrepreneurial people and entrepreneurial ventures can thrive. One of the main challenges the team faced when structuring this new service was finding a system that could bring the various different contributing teams and departments together. Having tried various tools in the past such as custom built CRMs, standard databases and many, many spreadsheets, Strathclyde Inspire now use Startium OS to connect multiple teams and data streams in one place and have a single source of truth for their engagement and impact reporting.

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Streamlining access to entrepreneurship services

The Strathclyde Inspire team were well aware that their entrepreneurial community already had to use several different apps and platforms to access university services, so it was a priority to find a solution that provided easy access to their services. Using the Startium OS member portal enables them to provide a single digital access point for all Strathclyde Inspire services and a gateway to the Glasgow startup ecosystem.

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“It is very clear that Startium OS has been built by business advisors for business advisors. Ever since our first interactions with the Startium team they have been incredibly accommodating and responsive to all our needs and suggestions for further development, enabling us to tailor a software solution to meet our unique needs at Strathclyde Inspire.”
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University of Strathclyde

The ‘Eureka Moment’ for Strathclyde Inspire

Personalised support at scale

The entrepreneurial community at the University of Strathclyde consists of students, staff, alumni and researchers. Each community member has unique needs and is at a different stage of their entrepreneurial journey, making it very difficult to provide the tailored support each member needs in order to achieve their ambitions.

With Startium OS, the Strathclyde Inspire team can now provide members of their entrepreneurial community with a personalised dashboard of relevant local, regional and national events, opportunities, funding calls and competitions based on venture stage, sector, and identified support needs.

Members can browse suggested guides and videos, book appointments, connect with other community members and share files with their advisors all from one, simple digital access point.

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